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On 24th of March 2011 Estetica Gentle Dental  has successfully  organized the advanced implantology course in Cologne in the hotel NOVOTEL  with the lecturer Dr.Med.Dent.Orcan Yuksel.During the course such important topics as sinus lifting ,bone augmentation and ring technique in dental implantology were discussed and the participants were awarded with certificates after the lecture.
After the course the participants had the opportunity to exchange their opinions during the dinner and as found out agreed that they would be able to use these technigues in their clinics.
We would like to say thank you to lecturer Dr.Med.Dent.Orcan Yuksel   for finding time in his schedule  and  sharing his knowledge with the participants of the course.(Dr.Med.Dent.Orcan Yuksel received the education in Germany and  keeps giving the  lectures in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University ).Also we would like to  say thanks ro the participants of the course.
Our company will organize many new corses during this year ,if you  plan to  become the participant of our course please contact us through the site.


Aesthetic with implants is not a Coinsidence - 3 Dimensional preservation and reconstruction techniques of the jaw

The proper localisation of implants plays a major role in immediate and late Implant Placement for a Successful Treatment.
When the anterior teeth are afflicted with the loss of soft and hard tissue after naturally healed extraction socets, the prosthetic of the patient from the aesthetical point of view leads mostly to dissatisfactory results. What are the reasons for good results? Under which conditions can a good result be expected.

Should the loss on hard tissue be regenerated via the “guided bone regeneration” method in order to achieve a better level of red aesthetics ? These methods must be predictable. This presentation covers latest techniques in the field of Implants and Aesthetics. A convincing treatment concept for extraction sockets (socket preservation), in which implant placement can achieve good results after several months will be presented. The sinus lifting is a daily procedure in the implantological practice. This method will be also shown in details during this course. It was a milestone and changed the treatment possibilities for us over 15 Years, also the technique of Bone Rings : "3-Dimensional Vertical Bone Reconstruction in One Step Procedure" is very promissing. The augmentation of bone defects and the insertion of dental implants in a single surgical procedure with using an Cortico-Cancellous Autogeneus Grafts from the chin can reduce the treatment time and can achieve aesthetical excellent results.

CV Dr Yüksel

- Visited the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/D & University of Istanbul/TR and graduated in 1987
- Pursued his Doctorate degree at the Frankfurt University. Since 1983 in his own clinic, specialized on Esthetic and Implant Dentistry
- Member of several International Dental Associations and Diplomate of ICOI.
- Dr Yüksel is certified Implantologist and instructor in Germany and also speaker of the "Education Program: Curriculum in Oral Implantology" with the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt §
- In last 10 years over 180 lectures and courses in Europe and Asia.